Clandestine Entrants-Questions you should ask when facing penalties

Questions you should ask when facing penalties for Clandestine Entrants If you have received a penalty for clandestine entrants, then you should seek professional legal advice to challenge the fine. Although there are few things that you must consider or some questions that you should ask when it comes to facing a penalty for Clandestine Entrants Here are some of …

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LORE International clandestine entrants inspection

What to do when migrants are trying to break into your trailer?

It is a common issue for international drivers entering the UK, to encounter illegal immigrants trying to break into lorries. The most reported cases are near the port of Calais where despite the demolition of the “Calais Jungle” by the local authorities in October 2016, the large number of migrants still exists. On the 29th September 2020, Gérald Darmanin the …

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Migrants contamination

Migrants Breaking into Lorries: What is the risk to your product?

In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of migrants breaking into lorries, in a desperate attempt to change their lives and reach the UK. The hotspot of the problem is the port of Calais in France, which is the main exit point for transporting goods from Europe to the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the migrants are risking …

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