How to avoid a penalty for clandestine entrants: IS11 Form

If Border Force find migrants hiding in your vehicle you may be fined up to £2,000 for each clandestine entrant found. The driver, employer and owner of the vehicle, each may be fined. If Border Force finds any outstanding fines or there is a suspicion that payment will be delayed, your vehicle may also be detained.

As you can see from the IS11 Form below, a total number of 11 migrants were found on the back of the lorry. The driver and the company were each fined a total of £4,400, that’s £400 for each clandestine entrant found by Border Force.

LORE International clandestine entrants IS11 penalty notice

So how to avoid paying the hefty fine? Please follow the four simple steps below.

1. Secure your vehicle before the departure and keep the records of all security checks. A company should implement effective security systems to prevent illegal immigration. Provide the driver with robust security devices, written instructions on how to use the system, an adequate training and a vehicle security checklist. You can download a sample security checklist here. The security devices include padlock, seals, tilt cord etc., they should be checked by the driver after each stop and recorded on the vehicle security checklist. 

2. Do not attempt to cross the border if you got a suspicion that someone is hiding in your vehicle. Contact the police in the country you’re in (the number is 112 in all Europe), or speak to border control at the port of boarding. For more information see our guide on: what to do when migrants are trying to break into your trailer.

3. Join the civil penalty accreditation scheme run by Border Force. The scheme provides informations and helps road transport companies to secure their vehicle in order to stop illegal immigration. If you are accepted to join the scheme and are able to show that you have effective security systems in place, you will not be fined if stowaways are found in your vehicle. Only haulage companies can apply to join the scheme, individual drivers are not accepted. The drivers are protected from the fine if the company they work for is accredited by the scheme and they’re able to show that they’ve followed all the safety procedures during the journey. You can download an application form for the civil penalty scheme here.

4. Implement and sustain security changes to your fleet in accordance with Border Force. Both the company and the driver should check if the security process and instructions are being followed, as they are are both liable to a hefty fine. 

If you find yourself in a situation where clandestine entrants gained entry to your trailer, there is a risk that your goods have been damaged or contaminated and are not safe for the UK market. For more information visit our guide Migrants Breaking into Lorries: What is the risk to your product? LORE International specialise in recovering goods affected by migrants. For more information on how LORE International can help you recover your contaminated load, check our services or contact us. 

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